Get More Calls &
Customers from Your
Yellow Pages Ad!

Discover Simple Tricks for Dominating Your Category
that Dramatically BOOST Call Volume & Quality!

With Pictures, Examples, and Killer Before and After Ads!

Alan Saltz
Author, Yellow Pages Expert


RE: For Yellow pages advertisers who aren't satisfied with the response they get from their Yellow Pages Ad -- and can't figure out what's wrong!

Dear Yellow Pages Advertiser,

If you spend your hard-earned money on a Yellow Pages ad, the LAST thing you want is a dud!

You want an ad that steals attention.

You want an ad that builds trust.

You want an ad that incites action!

So before you commit to another expensive 12 month contract, isn't it time to get your ad right?

Think about it...

BETTER Ads Equal MORE Calls!

For so many reasons, actually.

A great Yellow Pages ad:

  • Grabs eyeballs better.

  • Engages prospects for longer.

  • Keeps eyes from wandering to another ad.

  • Distinguishes you from the competition.

  • Builds more trust.

  • Removes more risk.

  • Propels someone to pick up the phone!

Naturally, all of these things are important.

But, let's not forget one more VERY IMPORTANT DETAIL... that's unique to the Yellow Pages.

The People Who See YOUR Ad Are
Almost Entirely... Ready To BUY!

This is a distinct advantage that the Yellow Pages have over print ads... social media... internet traffic... and most other forms of advertising.

People who turn to the Yellow Pages are pre-sold.

Their wallet is out.

They're ready to make a decision.

They just want to know WHO to give their business to!

And that's why...

Having an EFFECTIVE Yellow Pages Ad
Is Like Monthly "Money in the Bank."

It sits there and makes the phone ring.

You don't have to worry about it.

You don't have to run it again.

You just have to get it right... once.

"The Best Advertising
information I have come across"

"Let me take this opportunity to thank you for your service. Your customer care is second to none and very refreshing. I have read through about half of Legal Theft and would say it is the best advertising/business information I have come across."

- John Kelly
Bowral, Australia

"Sales Increased and Costs Decreased 35%!"

"Over the last 2 quarters with the new ads that you helped us develop, our sales from the yellow pages have increased, but more importantly, the cost of getting sales through the yellow pages has decreased by 35%!"

- Bob Leigh
Beyond Repairs
Omaha, NE

"I Had to Hire Another Person to
Help Answer the Phones.

"Thank you for your help with my Yellow Pages ad. I donít have the numbers yet but the new YP book came out with my revamped ad and the phone is going crazy. I had to hire another person to help answer the phones. I have given several of your cards out and suggested people call you. Thanks again."

- Michael Carlson
Anchorage, AK


"The Yellow Pages Ad is Doing Wonderful"

"I thought you might like an update. You may remember, I'm the guy with race theme limousines. The Yellow Page ad is doing wonderful. It's the top reason for people calling.

Again, thanks for everything. I think your book is the best money I've spent so far in my marketing budget."

- Dave Allen


Of Course, There's One Small Problem...

The Yellow Pages are competitive.

You're in the unique situation of being surrounded by your competition.

Which means, every time you don't get the call it means one of your competitors did.


Well, wouldn't it be awesome to have a HUGE edge over every one of them?

You're about to.

Let me explain...

Have you ever noticed how similar your competitors ads are to each other?

  • Did you know that the Yellow Pages design department often designs MOST of the ads in a given category?

  • Have you ever noticed how much space most companies take up simply listing the products or services that EVERYONE in the category offers?

Think about this...

We all know a plumber fixes leaks, clogs, toilets, shower pans, sinks, and, and pipes.

We know a dentist can fill a cavity and whiten teeth.

Yes, these details matter... but if they're true for everybody... how can they possibly be the reason a client decides to call YOU over your competition?

Are you starting to see the problem here?

Better question: Are you starting to see the potential here??

When Competitors Blend In... and You Stand Out,
YOU Dramatically Increase Call Volume & Quality

I'm not talking about drastic design and copy changes.

Not at all.

I'm talking about SIMPLE CHANGES a 12 year old can make, that go a long way in grabbing attention and making red-hot prospects pick up the phone and call you.

Like What... and Like, How?

I'd like to show you...

What's exciting, is that SIMPLE changes really can generate dramatic boosts in response.

In fact, you'll have an opportunity today to discover a simple "tweak" that multiplied response by a factor of 5, from one year to the next.



(it's a change ANY company can make in seconds)

"By Far The Best Information I Have Found."

"I have pulled many reports off the web and I have ordered several so-called "how to" manuals on how to improve your Yellow Page ads. You probably already know this but your book is by far the best information that I have found!!!"

Jeff McClintock
BellSouth Yellow Pages Rep
Saint Cloud, FL

"So Darn Easy to Understand and Implement"

"Alan, your intimate knowledge of the Yellow Pages as a means to outwit and outperform competitors is second to none. You really know your stuff! What's more is your ability to make everything so darn easy to understand and implement that it's actually enjoyable to learn."

Steve Yankee - President
Video Business Advisor


"Looking For This For Such a Long Time!"

"Alan, I read your book yesterday. I loved it. I have been looking for info like this for such a long time!"

Peter Cooke
Quogue, NY

"My Ad Will Be 100 Times Better!

"There's no doubt my ad will be 100 times better now. Thanks again for the very in-depth critique!"

Henry James - Franklin, TN
Suburban Heating & Cooling

Do You Want YOUR Yellow Pages Ad
To Make the Phone Ring More, Every Month?

Business owners coast to coast across the United States and in more than 25 countries have said YES Alan! -- and have gone on to increase their response by as much as 10 times (that's a 1,000% increase) using what I've taught them.

Just Imagine turning 14 calls each month... into 140.

Now, before you start thinking this only applies if you have a graphic designer and a lot of marketing know-how, let me set the record straight.

What I'm prepared to teach you today:

Doesn't require an ounce of design ability
Attracts patients, clients, or cash paying customers
Works for product businesses and service businesses
Can be used by established businesses or brand new ones.

Why Listen to Me in the First Place?

My name is Alan Saltz and I've been in the Yellow Pages "game" as a consultant, designer, author, and expert for almost a decade.

I've performed literally hundreds of Yellow Page ad critiques and design ads for clients in dozens of industries.

I've been highlighted in an issue of Millionaire BlueprintsTM in an article entitled "Paging to Profits"... in the U.S Post Office's Marketing Magazine "Deliver"... I'm a featured columnist for the "The Magazine Yellow Pages" newsletter - the publishers directory for Fortune 500 companies including Forbes, Business Week, US News, and many others,... and my articles and interviews have been published in trade journals across the U.S. and abroad.

I also attended one of the nation's top business schools - Wharton, at the University of Pennsylvania - and graduated with high honors in 2000.

Now I don't say any of this to brag. I just want to assure you that I'm a proven expert on the subject of Yellow Pages advertising, and that what I have to share with you can be very valuable to your business.

"Worth Thousands!"

"The book is worth thousands of dollars to our business. Thank you Alan!

John Page
Page Insurance Agency
Idaho Falls, ID


"Without Any Doubt, The Best... "

"Without any doubt, the best book I've read on the subject of Yellow Pages Advertising."

Calvin Banyan
Banyan Hypnosis Center


"The Holy Grail of Yellow Pages
Advertising On a Platter..."

"Iíve been doing Yellow Pages advertising for clients for years and this is by far the best, most in depth, super-easy-to-understand and apply course out there.  Alan has literally put the holy grail of Yellow Pages advertising on a platter for you. If you don't buy and apply this course, you are losing sales. It's as simple as that. Awesome, just awesome."

Sammer Hakim
Marketing Commando

"The #1 Yellow Page Guru!"

"The #1 Yellow Page guru... thanks for the critique... great stuff!"

Brian Hannigan
CEO, Hannigan Insurance

"The Bible of Yellow Page Marketing."

"Alan Saltz's book should be The Bible of Yellow Page Marketing."

Mark Joyner
International #1 Best-Selling Author
of Mind Control Marketing

Proven Techniques -- Easy to Understand,
Simple to Implement.

You and I both know that if we developed 2 different ads, one would get more phone calls than the other. And in all likelihood, by a significant margin.
After all... if your ad stands out when one person opens the Yellow Pages, what do you think happens when 4,493 more prospects turn to your category this year?

Think your ad might have the same impact on some of them??

You see, this is what a great Yellow Pages ad does...

It creates preference for YOUR company over your competition!

It's that simple.

Stand Out from Your Competition
Attract More Eyeballs, and More Calls!


Join business owners in over 25 countries... and nearly 100 different industries... and uncover the secrets to Yellow Page ads that win over prospects and dominate the competition!

Introducing my most closely guarded secrets to boosting Yellow Pages response... and my best selling work, available for INSTANT DOWNLOAD!

"The Definitive Guide to Yellow Page Ads that Get RESULTS..."

Legal Theft - Version 2.1
  How to Use Yellow Pages Advertising to Ethically
"Steal" Business From Your Competition!

     - Chiropractors

- Dentists
     - Auto Mechanics/Interiors - Carpet Cleaners
     - Attorneys - Sign & Print Shops
     - Mattress Distributors - Accountants
     - Real Estate Brokers - Heating/Cooling
     - Pool Companies - Pest Control
     - Electric Companies - Furniture Dealers
     - Appliance Repair - Computer Networking
     - Telephone Systems - Painters
     - Facial Surgeons - Dance Studios
     - Office Supply Companies - Web Designers
     - Insurance Companies - Computer Repair
     - Movers - Powerwashers
     - Tutoring/Education - Martial Arts
     - Debt Companies - Waste Management
     - Construction - Home & Office Cleaning
     - Florists - Home Remodeling
     - TV Repair - Home Security
     - Hypnotists - Interior Designers
     - Satellite TV Providers - Sewing Machine Suppliers
     - Locksmiths - Marketing Consultants
     - Vacuum Vendors - Graphic Designers
     - Plumbers - Home Window Treatments
     - Restaurants & Bakeries
- And Much More...

Through Sample Ads, Quick Exercises &
"Plain English" Explanations You'll Discover:

If you make just 3 simple changes to your ad... MAKE THESE! Improving your Yellow Pages ad doesn't have to be a difficult. In fact, these 3 simple changes can literally multiply response on their own. You'll find them on page 94!
The 4 key elements of Yellow Pages ads that SELL.  It's simple... don't overlook these 4 critical ingredients to Yellow Pages success. Include all four, and your odds of getting the call soar.
The eye-opening experiment spanning over 2,000 ads... in more than 240 categories that revealed the 2 greatest contributors to Yellow Pages response.
This Multiplied Response by a Factor of 5! This rarely-used but ultra simple ad tweak multiplied response for one client by over 500% from one year to the next. You'll find it on page 49 and 50.
The 2 things your headline MUST, MUST, MUST do. One is grab attention! Two is engage, and pull your prospect into your ad. If your headline doesn't do both, your greatest opportunity to win a client is GONE.
3 major differences between Yellow Pages Advertising and EVERY other ad medium you use. STOP making the mistakes you've been making for years, and START using The Yellow Pages Profit Formula TM.
3 "universal motivators" that drive response. You're surrounded by your competition, right? These 3 things instantly set you apart, and can increase not just call volume but call quality as well. I've seen these multiply response for advertisers whose use them.
How to literally "guarantee" your way to more sales.  Your customers will love you for this, and most of your competitors will wrongly be too scared to try it. (there are books written about this concept alone - it's that powerful.)
The Truth Revealed About Color vs. a Larger Ad. One is almost always the better choice. Make sure you know which one.

A simple strategy that demolishes skepticism and instills trust.  If there's a common trait among people who view your ad, it's skepticism. This grossly underused technique does more to combat skepticism and build trust than virtually any I've encountered.

 I wrote about this in an article that was recently published, and the editor of the publication received so much positive feedback... he ran it again!  You won't read about this technique in any other book on the subject, but you'll find it on page 55

The 5 most attention-grabbing headline types and 26 examples you can literally "cut and paste" into your ad.
The "Magical Question"? What everyone looking at your ad wants to know... and how they decide who to call. Use it to steal clients from your competition with the secret you uncover in chapter 7!
Where to get EYE-POPPING graphic images so you don't end up with ghastly clip-art or overused pictures ever again. You'll discover 3 websites for finding awesome industry-specific images for just a couple bucks each. Send it to the design department and voila!
How "Selling With Specifics" accelerates your credibility from 0 to 60 almost instantly. It's a simple tweak that takes hardly any time to make, but increases the selling power of your ad many times over.
4 costly oversights for pictures, photos & graphic designs.  The graphics you use in your ad can greatly effect your response.  I'll tell you how to choose between graphics, when it's a good idea to use a picture of yourself in your ad, and when it can actually turn people away.  (doctors and attorneys pay special attention!)
The secret to outrageous offers that generates phone calls like crazy! Read 2 real-life case-studies that will have you easily applying this concept to your business.
6 things to immediately REMOVE from your ad, and why any one of them can cost you your prospects attention for good.
REVEALED: the ad element that actually "triggers" the phone call. Find out what it is, and the words proven to spark action in your prospects.
The 300 most referenced subject headings, ranked in order, and what your category rank tells you about the right advertising package for your business.
A sneaky little trick that allows you to change one of your ads most response-driving features - as often as you like.  Everything else in your ad is fixed for an entire year... except this.  When I explain this "loophole" you'll have an opportunity to increase your response and conversion during the year.
The "LVC" concept: and why failing to consider it when you create your ad will - with near certainty - reduce the number of new customers your ad will attract this year.  This is the section of Legal Theft 2.1 that I've titled... **"The Concept You Can't Afford to Not Consider."**
The reason most "bulleted-lists" are all wrong and the super-simple solution. Bullets are a vital part of your Yellow Pages ad, and this secret alone can make you stand out from every competitor in your category. Don't run another ad until you fix this glaring mistake.
And much more...

Download the Course in the Most Trusted Format Available
PDF - And Be Reading In Just 3 Minutes!


"Alan! You are a GOD SEND!"

"Alan!  You are a GOD SEND!  You really do deliver and you can quote me on that!  You really seem to understand what business owners need, Return On Investment!!"

Agatha Loewen - Owner
Auto Interiors by Al's Repair
Toronto, Canada

"Made My Ad a WINNER"

"You could not have imagined what my ad would have looked like, or how many leads I would not have gotten per year if I didn't read Alan's book.  I can tell you I made several mistakes a TON of other folks in the Yellow Pages make.

His advice has made my ad a winner in my local book."

Courtney Pelzel
San Antonio, TX

"A Lot of People Say they Can Improve
Our Ads, But You PROVE It."

"I always knew that the yellow pages would be a good investment, if the right ad was created.  There are tons of people that go there, and we all know it.  The trick for me has been how to get my fair share of them.

A lot of people say they can improve our ads, but you PROVE it... I will be recommending your book to others without a doubt."

Leonard Jordan
A/C Solutions, Georgia

When You Order Today, You Get
3 4 Very Valuable FREE Bonuses?

That's right.

I want your next Yellow Pages ad to put more cash in your pocket than any you've ever run. Because if you haven't realized it already, my business and my reputation is built upon the success of your business. That's why I'm not just giving you my Best Selling Legal Theft 2.1.

When you say "YES" today, I'll also throw in hundreds of dollars in exclusive bonuses you won't find anywhere else. And take my word for it, these aren't bogus add-ons you'll never use. They're valuable supplements that you'll find as valuable as the course itself. Take a look:


Exclusive Bonus #1

You don't need to shell out $1000 or more to have a professionally designed ad that looks different from all of the ads your directory will design (which is most of them).  I'll show you how to do it with 20 bucks, and get enough change to buy yourself a sandwich.


Exclusive Bonus #2

With this e-book you'll see me transform 5 mediocre Yellow Page ads into business building secret weapons. Plus, you'll discover exactly how to locate the weaknesses in your own "before" ad... and how to apply step-by-step changes to make it more effective.

What does a 250%+ response boost look like? Included is a before and after that nearly tripled response. His WARNING headline might just be the most attention grabbing I've ever developed - and it's been borrowed (tailored to a different business of course) by an astonishing number of my clients.


Exclusive Bonus #3

In this coveted, limited release e-book, I reveal time-tested techniques to grow your business outside of the Yellow Pages and on a shoestring budget.

You'll uncover simple techniques that boost ad response for flyers, postcards, newspaper ads, email marketing, etc. - and free & low-cost ways to get your current customers to spend more, visit more often, and refer you to others!

With what you discover, you'll know the difference between an ad that gets lost on the page, and one that's virtually impossible to ignore.

But I'll level with you...

After designing and critiquing hundreds of Yellow Page ads, I also understand that it can help to have an "outsider's perspective". Someone who can look at your business from the viewpoint of your customer.

So here's the deal...

When you invest in my course today, you'll get a critique certificate so you can send your ad to me for suggestions -- before you run it.

How's that for a bonus?


Exclusive Limited-Time Bonus #4

COMPLETE - Yellow Pages Ad Evaluation

Email, fax, or snail mail your ad to me.  Within one week (I accept priority requests if you're up against a deadline) I'll send back a comprehensive review of your ad. This will include:

Detailed suggestions for what to improve
Headlines you can use
Content additions, removals, and rewrites
Alerts for common mistakes you're making
Ideas for standing out... and more.

My critiques are often pages in length... and because my name is signed at the bottom, I don't leave anything out.

Bottom line? Don't wait, or this offer may be gone for good!

How Much Profit Does a Winning
Yellow Pages Ad Generate??

Look at it this way: what's just ONE extra customer worth to you?

A hundred dollars? A few hundred dollars? Thousands of dollars perhaps?

Well imagine how many more customers you'll attract all year with an ad that really works!

Act today, and you'll get...

  • Yellow Pages Strategy Guide - Legal Theft 2.1

  • 3 Bonus Supplements Including Yellow Page Ads: Before and After

  • A Complete "Yellow Pages Ad Evaluation" from Alan Saltz

 ...all for a one-time, tax deductible, and 100% guaranteed investment.


Download it INSTANTLY
for $197, $147... only $97!

That's peanuts compared to what
an effective generates!

Add to Cart - Download Now!

Get instant access to every secret,
tip, and strategy in under 3 minutes!

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Download the Course in the Most Trusted Format Available
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No-Risk, No-Questions Asked
"Love It or It's FREE" 365-Day
Money Back Guarantee!

Invest in my course today 100% risk free.

If you're not satisfied with your investment or the impact it has on your business for any reason, I'll refund every penny you paid, no questions asked. You have a full year to decide! No games. No fine print. No hassles.


"One of the Best Investments
I Have Ever Made."

"Your book, Legal Theft is one of the best investments I have ever made.  The ideas and guidelines are effective and easy to implement.

This book is absolutely packed with great ideas.  Since we are spending $400 a month in yellow pages advertising, we would be foolish not to have the most effective ad possible."

Randy Dean
The Matworks
Columbus, OH


"Alan Saltz Deserves a Congressional Medal for His Yellow Pages Material... a Pure WOW"

"Alan Saltz deserves a Congressional medal for his Yellow Pages material.  He goes "above and beyond" what is expected on the marketing battlefield, and delivers a pure "WOW" experience with his material, service, and critiques.  I bow to Alan."

Dr. G.E. Nielsen
Waterford Chiropractic


"Can Be Applied Immediately"

"The information has been easy to read, makes WAY too much sense, and can be applied immediately to my advertising. Priceless information..."

Raymond P. Attisano
Bethlehem, PA

Think about it -- $97 is a drop in the bucket compared to the business you can miss out on with a mediocre Yellow Pages ad.

It's peanuts compared to the cost of the ad itself.

12 months is a long time to burden your business when you can discover the secrets to winning more calls with your Yellow Pages ad today - and without any risk whatsoever.

So, the next move is up to you. 

Iíve shown you how your investment in Legal Theft 2.1 is as risk-free as I can make it.  At this point you've definitely considered taking a step to improve your ad and the IMPACT it has on the red-hot prospects who view it.

The only thing left to do is take action!

Just click the button below -- and for what comes out to less than 27 cents per day -- you can make the most of an ad that has the power to earn you business all year long!

Do it now -- you've got nothing to lose!

Your Investment Pays for Itself with
the FIRST Extra Customer Your Ad Delivers!

Download the Course in the Most Trusted Format Available
PDF - And Be Reading In Just 3 Minutes!

Enter Code 12BOOST at Checkout
for $12 Off - Only 20 14

Kindest Regards,

Alan J. Saltz
President - Guaranteed Marketing, Inc.


P.S. I don't hide behind an email address. If you have questions or concerns and you'd like to speak with me, call me on my dime. Toll-free 877-243-9612.

P.P.S. Just one extra customer all year long and your small investment pays for itself many times over. Order today while my critique of your Yellow Pages ad is included... for FREE!

P.P.P.S. Remember, your risk is zero. You have 365 days to be refunded in full if you're not satisfied for ANY reason!  Click here... and be uncovering the secrets to Yellow Pages success in minutes...


More Rave Reviews from Small Business Owners

"I've Never Seen a More In-Depth Treatise on How to Make a Yellow Pages Ad Sell."

"Alan, I've never seen a more in-depth treatise on how to make a Yellow Pages ad sell."

Lenny Eng
Australia's Own Web Copywriter

"A FAR SUPERIOR Ad to the one I Originally Submitted to You... My Boss Was THRILLED"

"Many thanks for the great critique.  Overall a FAR SUPERIOR ad to the one I originally submitted to you.  My boss, the President of the company, was THRILLED with the changes.

Michael Friend
Sound Telecom, Spokane WA

"If The Yellow Pages Were Smart,
They Would Hire You Immediately"

"The more I read your book, the more I admire you.  You are the most talented and the smartest person in the area of Yellow Pages Advertising.

I certainly will mention your book to anybody I can, but you should go to the production department of one of New York's Yellow Pages and talk to them.  If they're smart, they would hire you immediately, maybe even as the chief of the department.

Tatiana Testeva
Tess Russian Translation
Chico, California

"Makes WAY Too Much Sense."

"The information has been easy to read, makes WAY too much sense, and can be applied immediately to my advertising.

Priceless information...

Raymond P. Attisano
Bethlehem, PA



"A Rare Find!"

"Alan, your book is a rare find! 

Full of eye-catching graphics, easy to understand explanations, and practical examples - I use your book for all my clients. 

It's like having an advertising department for a bargain price!"

Virginia Duan
Small Business
& Internet Consultant

"A Concise, Easy to Replicate Formula... Incredible."

"Your book is incredible. It's full of great information and yet you present it all in a concise, easy to understand, easy to replicate formula."

Jon Rivkind
Izzy and Zoe's Restaurant
Philadelphia, PA

"Your Course is a Breath of Fresh Air..."

"Most people would think that, given the huge amount of dollars spent on Yellow Page advertising, there would be more good information on how to best use it."

"That's not the case, and your course is a breath of fresh air in an area of education that's woefully underserved."

Jerry Purvis, Writer and Publisher
Cyberscript Communications
Scottsbluff, Nebraska


"Your Course is Worth Far More
Than What Your Charge For It!."

"Alan... I spend over $10,000 a year on Yellow Pages Advertising and still I was skeptical about spending to invest in your course.

I would have been an idiot if I passed this by,  Running a successful ad in the Yellow Pages is just too important to my business, and your course is worth far more than what you charge for it."

Alex Faigel
Boston, Massachusetts

"Absolutely the Best"

Absolutely the best do-it-yourself book I have ever read. In this day and time very few products live up to their advertising.  This one actually surpassed it.

The GREATEST thing about it was that with a little time even an old telephone man with no marketing ability could design a very good attention grabbing ad. I was also impressed with the personal call from you five minutes after leaving a voice mail asking for a critique. Great job excellent product!

Tommy Swanner
Superior Telephone Systems

"Simple Changes That Draw Attention Like a Magnet"

"Wow.  Simple changes that draw attention like a MAGNET, holds it, and develops trust until they pick up the phone and call you.  I'm thoroughly amazed.

Glen Garnes
The ESQlawTech Wekly

"One of the Greatest Marketing Bargains I Have Ever Gotten!"

"Alan, I just wanted to say this book was great.  I have a lot of different courses that have information on yellow pages advertising.  I have never seen the level of detail you have.

The information is absolutely incredible.  And I must say the price of the guide makes it one of the greatest marketing bargains I have ever gotten!"

David Oliver
The Leverage Team, LLC
Stanhope, NJ

"Worth a Heck of a Lot More Than It Costs!"

"Boy Alan... YOU'RE GOOD!

Your service and availability are very prompt and professional.  The information is incredibly great.  Worth a heck of a lot more than it costs!"

Allan Rosenberg - President
Continental Maid Service



"I Was Expecting the Critique to Be a Rehash of The Book. Not Even Close!"

"Hey Alan,

I am passionate about Yellow Page advertising.  So much of it is absolutely wasted.  And there is so little valuable information available - present company excluded - about how to do it effectively.

In fact, I searched and found only two books.  I ordered one and was appalled by the content of the book.

Yellow Page reps have all their favorite pitches about size and color, all things that mean bigger commission checks for them - but not necessarily better response for the advertiser.  This book I bought was like a handbook for Yellow Page reps.

Yours is the total opposite.  It's 100% for business owners, and the strategies you uncover are simple and truly effective.

I have to admit that I was expecting the critique to be a warmed-over rehash of the e-book.  But it wasn't!  Not even close!

Thanks for taking the time to really dig into our ad. You made some fantastic suggestions!

Scott Glenn, General Manager
Captain Electric
Provo, Utah

"Worth Its Weight in Gold!"

"Alan, the information in this book is priceless. It is ABSOLUTELY PACKED with business generating secrets.  On top of it all, your approach is universal, causing my entire marketing concept to improve dramatically!  Worth its weight in gold!!!"

Rob Francis, President
Planned Building Services
Fairfield, NJ



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