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Now that's powerful stuff!

A Couple of Notes: 

1. You're not eligible for commissions on personal purchases.  (In other words, you can't sign up as an affiliate just to get the course at a discount.  Sorry.)

2. I cut checks once a month.  Balances under $10 will not be paid during the current month but will be carried over to the following month in full.  Any refunded courses that generated a commission will be deducted from your balance.

3. Affiliates outside of the US will be paid via paypal to the email address submitted when you join the program.

Signing up as an affiliate is 100% free. 

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"$5400 in sales in
the first 3 days."

"Just thought I'd let you know my Yellow Page ad that I sent you was placed in the Charleston SC phone book. They began delivering the books on August 1st.

So far, in the first 3 days, we have made $5400 in sales directly attributed to the Yellow Page ad. Not bad for a $1300 per month investment."

- Bob Jones


"20% increase in business!"

"Alan, since our new ad came out (did I send you a copy?) using your suggestions, we've seen a 20% increase in business!! Thanks again!"

- Don Marcari
Newport News, VA


"Alan! You are a GOD SEND!"

"Alan!  You are a GOD SEND!  You really do deliver and you can quote me on that!  You really seem to understand what business owners need, Return On Investment!!"

Agatha Loewen
Al's Repair
Toronto, Canada


"Response to the ad has almost tripled!"

"Thanks for all your help on the ad. It has been working very well. The response to the ad has almost tripled since it has gone out.  I recommended you to some other dentist friends of mine (in different regions of course)."

James Lin, D.M.D
Southland Dental
Calabasas, CA



"I read the entire book once I received it, its fantastic. I'm currently designing my yellow page ad which will run in three local phone books. In the past three years, I have made every mistake you mentioned. I have spent so much money and never thought about how the yellow page ad was different from other types of advertising. Your book was excellent from start to finish."

- Nashlea Brogan
Sarnia, Canada


"100 Times Better!"

There's no doubt my ad will be 100 times better now.  Thanks again for the very in-depth critique!"

Henry James
Franklin, TN


"Simple and truly effective."

"I am passionate about Yellow Page advertising.  So much of it is absolutely wasted. And there is so little valuable information available - present company excluded - about how to do it effectively.

In fact, I searched Amazon and found only two books. I ordered one and was appalled by the content of the book. [It] was like a handbook for Yellow Page reps. Yours is the total opposite. It's 100% for business owners, and the strategies you uncover are simple and truly effective.

I have to admit that I was expecting the critique to be a warmed-over rehash of the e-book. But it wasn't!  Not even close! Thanks for taking the time to really dig into our ad.  You made some fantastic suggestions!"

Scott Glenn
Captain Electric
Provo, Utah


"I had to hire another person to help answer the phones.

"Thank you for your help with my Yellow Pages ad. I donít have the numbers yet but the new YP book came out with my revamped ad and the phone is going crazy. I had to hire another person to help answer the phones. I have given several of your cards out and suggested people call you. Thanks again."

- Michael Carlson
Anchorage, AK


"Overwhelmed by your kindness"

Well, I'm feeling slightly overwhelmed by your kindness. Thank you so much for your extremely valuable comments and redesign of my ad. It most certainly is a vast improvement over the old one and I intend to use it exactly as is!

I knew, from Cal Banyan's recommendation and from your course, that you were very good at what you do -- what I did not know about was your true generosity of spirit.

I know that you will continue to be successful. And I know too, that you fully deserve that success.

My very best wishes and sincere thanks, Alan.

Peter Field
London, UK
Peter Field Hypnotherapy



"The Bible of Yellow Page Marketing."

"Alan Saltz's book should be The Bible of Yellow Page Marketing."

Mark Joyner
International #1
Best-Selling Author
of Mind Control Marketing


"If the Yellow Pages were smart... they'd
hire you."

"The more I read your book, the more I admire you.  You are the most talented and the smartest person in the area of Yellow Pages Advertising.

I certainly will mention your book to anybody I can, but you should go to the production department of one of New York's Yellow Pages and talk to them.  If they're smart, they would hire you immediately, maybe even as the chief of the department.

Tatiana Testeva
Tess Russian Translation
Chico, California


"Without any doubt, the best"

"Without any doubt, the best book I've read on the subject of Yellow Pages Advertising."

Calvin Banyan
Banyan Hypnosis Center


"Your course is a breath of fresh air..."

"Most people would think that, given the huge amount of dollars spent on Yellow Page advertising, there would be more good information on how to best use it."

"That's not the case, and your course is a breath of fresh air in an area of education that's woefully underserved."

Jerry Purvis
Cyberscript Communications
Scottsbluff, Nebraska


"Can be applied immediately"

"The information has been easy to read, makes WAY too much sense, and can be applied immediately to my advertising. Priceless information..."

Raymond P. Attisano
Bethlehem, PA


"Sales more than DOUBLED!"

"We have seen a substantial increase in profit; in fact our sales have more than doubled since using your book to recreate our ad. 

The book is worth thousands of dollars to our business. Thank you Alan!

John Page
Page Insurance Agency
Idaho Falls, ID


superior ad

"Many thanks for the great critique. Overall, a FAR SUPERIOR ad to the one I originally submitted to you. My boss, the President of the company, was THRILLED.

Michael Friend
Spokane, WA


"Looking for info like this for such a long time!"

"Alan. I read your book yesterday. I loved it. I have been looking for info like this for such a long time!"

Peter Cooke
Quogue, NY


"Alot of people say they can improve our ads,
but you prove it."

"I always knew that the yellow pages would be a good investment, if the right ad was created.  There are tons of people that go there, and we all know it.  The trick for me has been how to get my fair share of them.

A lot of people say they can improve our ads, but you PROVE it... I will be recommending your book to others without a doubt."

Leonard Jordan
A/C Solutions


"The Holy Grail of Yellow Pages
Advertising on a platter..."

ďIíve been doing Yellow Pages advertising for clients for years and this is by far the best, most in depth, super-easy-to-understand and apply course out there.

Alan has literally put the holy grail of Yellow Pages advertising on a platter for you. If you donít buy and apply this course, you are losing sales. Itís as simple as that. Awesome, just awesome.Ē

Sammer Hakim


"The #1 Yellow Page Guru!"

"The #1 Yellow Page guru... thanks for the critique... great stuff!"

Brian Hannigan, CEO
Hannigan Insurance


"Best advertising
information I have come across"

"Let me take this opportunity to thank you for your service. Your customer care is second to none and very refreshing. I have read through about half of Legal Theft and would say it is the best advertising/business information I have come across."

- John Kelly
Bowral, Australia


"Sales increased and costs decreased 35%!"

"Over the last 2 quarters with the new ads that you helped us develop, our sales from the yellow pages have increased, but more importantly, the cost of getting sales through the yellow pages has decreased by 35%!"

- Bob Leigh
Beyond Repairs
Omaha, NE


"Yellow Pages ad is doing wonderful"

"I thought you might like an update. You may remember, I'm the guy with race theme limousines. The Yellow Page ad is doing wonderful. It's the top reason for people calling.

Again, thanks for everything. I think your book is the best money I've spent so far in my marketing budget."

- Dave Allen
Spokane Racing Limos



"Your Legal Theft course is brilliant. I am looking forward to blowing away my opposition when I start my new appliance repair business."

- Graham (Gus) O'Conner
Appliance Medic
Gauteng, South Africa


"You saved me a ton of money."

"Thanks for the great critique, and just in time. I changed my ad from a full page in the over populated [primary book] to an in-column leader ad. I'll be using more of your full page recommendations in the [secondary] directories. You saved me a ton of money. Very much appreciated!"

- Dale Schaar
Minneapolis, MN


"Priceless! I almost feel like a thief!"

"In my opinion, your advice (thanks for the personal advice today) is priceless! It will probably account for hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of work within just a few years. And for the price you are charging, I almost feel like a thief!

Anyway, your program will get our phone ringing even more, and having the phone ring is the same thing as depositing money in our checking account. EXACTLY what I was looking for."

Paul Burns


your book!"

"I am LOVING your book. It is applying advice like yours that not only separates advertisers from the pack, but it distinguishes the Advertising Consultants from the Yellow Page Pushers."

Eric Sherman
Los Angeles, CA


"Boy Alan...
You're GOOD!

"Boy Alan... YOU'RE GOOD!"

Your service and availability are very prompt and professional. The information is incredibly great. Worth a heck of a lot more than it costs!"

Allan Rosenberg
Continental Maid Service


"One of the best investments I have ever made."

"Your book, Legal Theft is one of the best investments I have ever made.  The ideas and guidelines are effective and easy to implement.

This book is absolutely packed with great ideas.  Since we are spending $400 a month in yellow pages advertising, we would be foolish not to have the most effective ad possible."

Randy Dean
The Matworks
Columbus, OH


"Wonderful advertising advice!"

"I work for TransWestern Publicshing in sales. I enjoyed every page of the materials I downloaded. Thank you for the wonderful advertising advice!"

Mira Johnson
Yellow Pages Sales Rep
Kingsland, GA


"$25,000 job as a direct result of new Yellow Pages ad..."

"Alan, we were just awarded a $25,000 job; a direct result of the client calling us based on our Yellow Pages ad. He indicated that our ad caught his eye! Thanks!"

John M. Prenosil
JMP Environ. Consulting


"Made my ad a winner in my local book."

"You could not have imagined what my ad would have looked like, or how many leads I would not have gotten per year if I didn't read Alan's book.  I can tell you I made several mistakes a TON of other folks in the Yellow Pages make.

His advice has made my ad a winner in my local book."

Courtney Pelzel
San Antonio, TX


"Alan Saltz deserves a Congressional Medal..."

"Alan Saltz deserves a Congressional medal for his Yellow Pages material.  He goes "above and beyond" what is expected on the marketing battle-field, and delivers a pure "WOW" experience with his material, service, and critiques. I bow to Alan."

Dr. G.E. Nielsen
Waterford Chiropractic
Waterford, WI


"Sales Up 30%!"

"Alan, Sales are up 30%!

I would recommend you to anyone, doing business with you has been a pleasure."

Ronnie Miller
Freeport, TX


"I'm thoroughly amazed."

"Wow. Simple changes that draw attention like a MAGNET, hold it, and develop trust until they pick up the phone and call you.  I'm thoroughly amazed.

Glen Garnes
ESQ LawTech Weekly


 "So darn easy to understand and implement"

"Alan, your intimate knowledge of the Yellow Pages as a means to outwit and outperform competitors is second to none.  You really know your stuff!

What's more is your ability to make everything so darn easy to understand and implement that it's actually enjoyable to learn."

Steve Yankee - President
Video Business Advisor



"Attention GRABBING ad."

"Absolutely the best do-it-yourself book I have ever read. In this day and time very few products live up to their advertising.  This one actually surpassed it.

The GREATEST thing about it was that with a little time even an old telephone man with no marketing ability could design a very good attention grabbing ad.

UPDATE: "Received your critique of my ad and just set back in my chair and chuckled... you are too good."

Tommy Swanner
Superior Tele. Systems


"One of the greatest marketing bargains I have ever gotten!"

"Alan, I just wanted to say this book was great.  I have a lot of different courses that have information on yellow pages advertising.  I have never seen the level of detail you have.

The information is absolutely incredible.  And I must say the price of the guide makes it one of the greatest marketing bargains I have ever gotten!"

David Oliver
The Leverage Team, LLC
Stanhope, NJ


"Valuable Before and After Supplement"

First, let me say how valuable I have found your book and "Before and After" supplement.

If only I knew before... I am now looking at all of my other advertising through new glasses!

Lawrence Costello
Luton, UK
Freedom Hypnosis


"Makes WAY too much sense."

"The information has been easy to read, makes WAY too much sense, and can be applied immediately to my advertising. Priceless information...

Raymond P. Attisano
Bethlehem, PA


"I would have been an idiot if I passed this by."

"Alan... I spend over $10,000 a year on Yellow Pages Advertising and still I was skeptical about spending to invest in your course.

I would have been an idiot if I passed this by,  Running a successful ad in the Yellow Pages is just too important to my business, and your course is worth far more than what you charge for it."

Alex Faigel
Boston, Massachusetts


"By far the best information
I have found."

"I have pulled many reports off the web and I have ordered several so-called "how to" manuals on how to improve your Yellow Page ads.

You probably already know this but your book is by far the best information that I have found!!!"

Jeff McClintock
BellSouth YP Rep
Saint Cloud, FL


"How to make a Yellow Pages Ad SELL."

"Alan, I've never seen a more in-depth treatise on how to make a Yellow Pages ad sell.

I've personally seen the exact techniques you cover increase the response for a Yellow Pages ad by 10 (yes, 10) times from the previous year.  The end result was an extra $3,200 a week in business. That's an extra $136,000 a year from that ad alone.

Lenny Eng
Australia's Own Web Copywriter

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